Precious Proscovia |Financial Literacy & Wealth Strategist

With a large firm of experienced Financial experts, we seek to preserve clients’ assets, proactively yet conservatively. Our clients range from parents with young kids, young adults, pre-retirees, to retirees. The success of our approach has been rooted in educating our clients to identify better and alternative options, showing practical ways to Grow and Preserve their account values even during volatile times.

Ultimately, our clients understand how money works, protect their hard earned income, invest better and have diversified streams of income, both passive and residual. They build a solid financial portfolio, gaining BOTH Financial Freedom and Time Freedom to do life on their own terms while impacting humanity and creating a lasting Financial Legacy.

As a Frim, we also give 10% of our proceeds to humanitarian efforts so our clients find life fulfillment in knowing that by working with us, they too have given back to humanity. We offer:-

Estate Planning – Living Trusts, eliminate Estate Taxes

Wealth Management – Tax strategies to Grow as well as Preserve YOUR Wealth

Retirement Planning – Build a Comprehensive Financial Portfolio to maximize your financial leverage. Reduce taxes, build adequate emergency funds and proactively have diversified income streams.

Insurance Services – Review or obtain life insurance so that unforeseen events don’t destroy your savings and retirement.  We also cater for Long Term Care needs.

Humanitarian Planned Giving – Interested clients change the world by giving back to humanity. This platform is effective in their philanthropic efforts, effortlessly weaving into their financial planning, creating a lasting legacy.